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Welcome to the Northern Ireland Community Safety College at Desertcreat

The Northern Ireland Community Safety College will provide a fit for purpose training facility which allows the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI), Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service (NIFRS) and Northern Ireland Prison Service (NIPS) to train and develop officers and staff to provide personal, protective and professional services to the whole community.

In recent years the role of all three Services has increased beyond recognition. The PSNI are now working in partnership with other agencies and organisations on an increasing basis whilst, the NIFRS now provides responses to fires, road traffic collisions, flooding, water rescue, rope rescue, collapsed structures, aviation, maritime and many others emergency incidents. The NI Prison Service has undergone a number of significant changes and will be subject to more in the coming years.

Key to the performance of each of the Services is the performance of its staff, the ability to lead and manage and the professionalism in attitude and delivery of their respective services. A key performance objective for all Services is to strengthen and maintain community confidence in the ability of the emergency services to work together for their safety. The provision of Desertcreat Joint Public Services College will allow the three services to train and to develop in a different way from present and will put service and confidence of the community at the heart of all that is done.

Latest News

Northern Ireland Community Safety College Statement

2nd April 2014


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New name chosen for the College!

5th November 2012

The name of the new college is changing